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Signed Distance Functions

Overthrow the Texture Tyranny

'That should have been a Distance Field' is a phrase ever more commonly uttered when playing even modern games. Checking in with some friends working on AAA games, it seems the power of mathematics and distance fields is still not being properly applied even in the biggest games.

There are several excellent articles on the mathematics behind SDF, but their applications in games within the context of Unity and Unreal Engine seems to lack high quality writing. Let's attempt to correct that.

Performing Miracles with C#

Solving the Miracle Sudoku

The Mirable Sudoku swept the YouTube recommended section in May 2020. Most people enjoyed the video, had a go themselves, then left it there.

We decided to put together a solver (and therefore a puzzle creator!). Built in Unity with OOP principals.

Simple Harmonic Motion

An alternative to continuous Lerp

Game Developers will be familiar with the concept of linear interpolation, and many will be creating temporal effects to interpolate spatially, using lerp to 'smoothly' move.

There is a better way. Simple Harmonic Motion (or Spring Motion) gives smoother, more consistent, and better looking effects.

B-Splines & A Hundred Million Pixels

Using Unity to generate art

B-Splines can be used to produce beautiful generative artworks. By applying noise over time to B-Spline control points, and layering temporal snapshots it's possible to build up stunning images.

Using Unity, and Dreamteck Splines, I developed a quick system to render super high resolution B-Splines.


Digital Content Pipeline Reference

We take pipeline very seriously. Consistency and care in your craft are a recipe for exceptional results.

This is a living document that will update as our practises evolve.